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Shop From A Licensed Manufacturer For Your Dog Treats

We all love a bake sale and now there are doggie bake sales going on in many communities. Now, we are not against fundraising, rather we are for feeding dogs healthfully. That is why we went the extra mile and became a licensed pet food manufacturer. The state of Michigan, like other states offers an online list of licensed manufacturers so you can assure that the best is served to your canine family members. A licensed manufacturer will not lead you astray as they are regulated to keep your dog safe. The same cannot be guaranteed from everyone who knows how to bake. Keep in mind that most of the foods that are good for us humans, are also good for our dogs. However, the reverse is true too. Too many calories along with added fats, sugars or salt are best avoided if not significantly limited in our daily diet. So, we encourage you to Treat Wisely. We are here to help you keep one of your most valuable possessions, your dog, safe, happy and healthy for as long

as possible.

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